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Every Monport user's business or crafting story, big or small, could be of great inspiration to many others.

With the powerful laser, Monport will be a reliable companion on your creative journey.

Let's listen to the user's stories with Monport !

Meet Blueprojektsco

Meet Blueprojektsco

I'm Tanya, my small business is Blue Projekts Co.I'm very excited to expand my skills in laser engraving. Im self motivated and I love a challenge.

I've wanted a laser engraver for such a long time, But the engraving machine is expensive. With more research, I found Monport and finally had the opportunity to get my hands on a laser engraver with Monport!

Her Business: Blueprojektsco offers custom JW accessories and gifts.

Etsy Shop:

Instagram:  @blueprojektsco

Check out Blueprojektsco


My name is Patrick, and my Etsy shop is CreatedWorkshop.

Monport CO2 lasers help my small business, as I was able to make Christmas ornaments over the holidays with ease.

The Monport 40W CO2 laser that I have also can engrave things that I couldn't have used my diode laser for, which has been a great upgrade in the shop!

Youtube Channel: @CreatedWorkshop

Etsy Shop: CreatedWorkshop

Check out CreatedWorkshop


My name is Pete, and I’m a full-time furniture maker, and now a laser craftsman.

Monport lasers are some of the best-looking lasers in their class . Monport CO2 machine has been so helpful and a welcomed addition to my business and social media.

It has opened up so many new possibilities for me.

Besides, after talking to them their dedication to customer service is what made me choose them. Monport customer service is as good as I’ve seen and seems to be getting even better.

I recommend Monport CO2 laser to everyone!

Youtube Channel: @FurnitureByPete

Amazon Shop: @FurnitureByPete

Check out Furniturebypete
The Laser Channel

The Laser Channel

My name is Greg, and I retired as a full-time photographer.

Now I create a YouTube channel that mainly focuses on connecting information, learning, and simple projects for new or people interested in jumping into laser engraving.

I love working and creating things with my hands and the Monport laser engraver is perfect for me.

Besides that laser engraving machine can also help me provide personalized items for my photography clients.

Photography Page:

Check out The Laser Channel
Meet Clarence Poole

Meet Clarence Poole

Machine used: 60W CO2 Laser Engraver (20" x 28") with Autofocus

His Business: Clarence Poole offers a range of custom laser designs, including Portrait, Keychains, Cake Toppers, Led night lights, and more!

Check out Clarence Poole

We encourage everyone to submit their small business stories and become part of our growing community.

Let's work together and support each other's dreams.

Share your story today, and we'll help you gain more exposure for your business.

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