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About Monport Space

The workplaces you are going to visit are operated by Monport machines owners who have a deep experience in laser engraving and cutting.

Besides, you can touch and test their machine or make a little present by yourself before purchasing online.

In this way you can decide if the watt or the machine size really fits you.

Please feel free to ask our hosts! The only thing you have to care about is contacting them in advance.

If you are interested in being our members, please fill in the application form and we will reply you quickly.

Why visit a Monport Space

Why visit a Monport Space

Monport Space is where you can see and touch the machines or accessories offline. It is very difficult to communicate or talk about the details online becasue of the high watt of machines, the professional methods of application and the issues of software compatibility. That's why we set up several local spaces to make any customs or fans feel reliable.

What can you do

What can you do

You can see the Monport machines and accessories before your eyes. Our host will show you how to setup, work and answer your questions about it nicely and patiently. Plus, you can also visit their workroom and appreciate their excellent handicrafts!

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